Spunbond VS Spunlace

Knowledge base for Spunlace & Spunbond

Both Spunlace and Spunbond belong to Non woven Fabrics. Now these 2 kinds of non woven fabric types is the top 2 production capacity in all over the world. In the daily time, people now use a lot of consumer goods made by spunbond or spunlace non woven fabrics.

Difference between Spunlace and Spunbond

It is complete different type of non wovens for spun bond and spunlace.

Below we list the difference:

Material: Spun lace Made by short fibers like viscose, polyester etc. Spun bond Made by PP.

Colors: Spunlace Non woven Fabric usually dye on line when producing, few spunlace non woven fabric also made by dying fibers. Usually the dyed color is lighter.

Spun bond non woven fabric use PP with masterbatch. So PP spun bond non woven fabric can make any color no matter its deep or light color.

Tension: with same weight, spun bond is stronger than spunlace.

Usage: most of spunlace used for wipes, but most of spun bond made for non woven bags.

Through they are different, but sometimes they can also have the same usage.

Let us use our customer made products for examples:

spunlace non woven bags

This non woven bags is made by strong spunlace non woven fabric with customer logo printing.

PP spunbond non woven wipes

This non woven wipes is made by light weight PP spun bond. Soft.

You can see the 2 non woven fabric sometimes is alternative according to customer requirement.

What’s more, people laminate the 2 non woven fabrics with a new products – woodpulp/Spun bond Spunlace Non woven fabric.

That is woodpulp+ PP spunbond by spunlace technic, these woodpulp spunlace with PP layer which is lint free and good for industrial wiping. You can get both woodpulp/pp non woven fabric mother rolls and the finished wipes products from us, with cheapest price and high quality.

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  1. Seyyed mohammad-Samavatian

    Tnks for ur text
    What kind of material is better for bio protective coverall
    1 spunbond
    2 spunlace
    Best regards

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