Industrial Wipes

As the name implies, Industrial Wipes is a kind of wipes which used in industry.

Most the industrial wipes have 3 options: 1) Industrial Cleaning Paper; 2) Industrial Cleaning Cloth(woven,like cotton cloths) 3) Industrial Non woven Wipes

Currently when we choose an industrial Wipes, people choose the non woven Industrial Wipes at first.

Why?We have 5 reasons as below:

The Advantages of Using Non woven Industrial Wipes

  • Consistent, high performance, custom engineered for each application-paper and woven wipes is low performance
  • Hygienic, convenient, excellent cost and value in use – woven cloth is more expensive
  • No residual oils, chemicals or other contaminants that can leave streaks and smears, causing losses in time and quality
  • No significant residues of heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel) or EOX (extractable organic halogens)
  • A wide range of materials and dispensing solutions to find the ideal non woven wipe for any application: non woven has many fibers to choose.

Applications of Industrial Wipes

Automotive industry

Industrial wipes are finding opportunities in the car prep market.

The healthcare sector, with its need for disinfecting, sanitizing and killing germs to ensure that healthcare associated infections are prevented, and industrial facilities, which benefit from making the work process faster, uniform/standardized and efficient, are both benefiting from using disposable wipes rather than washable cloth rags and towels.

From our customer survey, a lot of our woodpulp non woven wipes are finally using for car polish cloths, and also the microfiber non woven cloths.

Food industry

These Industrial cleaning wipes are food-safe so may be used in all food preparation areas: to cleaning the machine, absorbing fluids and hand cleaning.

Manufactured from high quality non woven spunlace fabric(viscose/polyester or Woodpulp/ Polyester or Woodpulp/PP), low linting and suitable for use in the most demanding of food environments.

Refill pouches available to minimise cost and waste It is fast-drying so that the area being cleaned may not need to wipe in dry, making its antimicrobial action more efficient. Suitable for clinic, home and industrial environments.

It is an excellent disinfecting, de-greasing and cleansing agent for hard surfaces, making it ideal for the home or deli counters alike.


Industrial Hand Wipes can also use in printing industry, to cleaning the machine, absorbing link and cleaning your hands.

The famous one in our products range is the PP meltblown Solvent Wiping Cloths and SMT rolls.


Industrial Wipes are also using for general Janitorial cleaning to remove the dust and floor.

Are you an industrial Wipes Suppliers? Contact us for a brochure and pricelist for our industrial wipes and raw material.

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