How to Private label your Wipes?

Private label wipes – How to make?

When you are new to start the wipes business, you may think about to make your own brand.Private labeling is the best way for customers to distinguish the products from others. If your wipes are always manufactured with high quality and good design, customers will pay higher prices and stay loyal to your brand. So it is good advantage to make a better look private labels for your wipes.

For this article we will show you how to make your private label wipes products.

Private label wipes by Printing logo on the fabric

Printing your brand name or company logo on the fabric wipes is most directly way.

When the end user used your wipes then they can see your company information or logo.

It is a great advertisement.

Take an example from our customer from the picture: they printing their company or company logo on the fabric.

For this way it only suitable big customers who can sell larger quantity of wipes(at least 20 tons per year).

Because it costs too much for us to make a label cylinder.

Can you reach to this quantity? Contact us for information to make your label cylinder printing.

Private label wipes by Printing Polybag

To use a poly bag to pack your wipes and printing all your information included company and products, it is a simple way and also popular way to private label your wipes.

Not only in wet wipes but also the dry wipes.

Private label dry wipes

Private label wet wipes

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It usually costs 80USD/color and the bag manufacturer requests about 10,000 pcs as MOQ.

You can design your bag printing and send us the PDF of the artwork.

From your next repeat orders, the printing plate charges is no need again.

Private label wipes by Paper Card

For a most easy way, you can also put a paper card which print your information on it, and then put the card into the wipes package.

This is also the most cheap way to private label your wipes.

A paper card only costs 0.03USD more.

Specially for this paper card is widely used in the perforated wiping roll.

Look for a better solution for your wipes manufacturer? Contact us and we will help you more as a profession wipes manufacturer.

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